Luke Royes

Due to the continual evolving of new technologies, especially the internet and social media. Luke   Royes has managed to pave himself a clear path within the establishment of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  Royes is an online news producer, a relatively new role in the diverging media industry. Royes’ Twitter account sports, “A Leo and journalist who enjoys long walks on the beach, chasing rare finches and avante garde Japanese pipe music.”


Since graduated from the University of Queensland in 2005, Royes has enjoyed many journalism position, and has worked for;  Gold Coast Bulletin, News Ltd, and City News.  Within his current role at the ABC, Royes is heavily involved in using social media outlets for disseminating news.  In the media conference (19th September, 2012), for COMU1152 at The University of Queensland, Royes enlightened us with his take on the ABC’s use of social media.


The ABC has successfully incorporated facebook and Twitter into its news world, so that they may reach a wider audience.  For example,  Royes was following the recent (2012) Sydney riots on Twitter – he was viewing live photos and contacting the publishers (individuals that were at the riots) and asking permission to use their photos.  This proves that social media can be used as a news tool rather than just a gossip site.


It is interesting to observe and participate with on-line methods of communication, particularly news dissemination in social media avenues.  As fore mentioned, the internet evolves and so do news outlets.  Today, anyone can disseminate news, but it is often the genuine, precise and technology savvy who break through the thousands of news messages.

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