The culture of celebrity

During my first lecture for Comu2015 – Celebrity Culture, Dr. Melissa Harper said,

“To understand why we might study celebrity culture and what we might learn from a seemingly ‘ephemeral’ subject”

I understand that a select fad, genre or individual may be ephemeral.  However, I also understand that celebrity culture as an institution (of sorts) is not ephemeral.  Celebrity culture has progressed through time into a permanent and thriving institution.


It is the public’s interest in celebrity that has allowed it to become an institution or culture.  Within the reading “Sometimes you wanna hate celebrities”, Author, Sofia Johansson examines why and how celebrity is received by its audiences.  People relate to celebrities for many reasons but Johansson said, “The appeal can lie in the celebrity’s perceived proximity to one’s own position in the social system”.


55 Londoners were interviewed and their responses were emotive driven.  Ronnie, a 34 year old bus driver, said, “I couldn’t care less about them lot. It just makes me jealous.  Especially when I’m out there driving a bus picking up all them people all day.”  and Catherine, a 21 year old shop assistant, said, “Sometimes you just wanna hate celebrities, you know? They’ve got money, and the life…”


The poignant remarks mean that – if you love them or hate them – celebrity is an ongoing even daily discussion.  It is through the daily discussions that we, in 2012, have evolved and carried forth the culture of celebrity and therefore have created a concrete institution. Basically, we like to compare, comment and relate to  individual ephemeral celebrities through the culture of celebrity.

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