Celebrity in my household

My sons and I are often discussing the “in’s and out’s” of celebrity. This is due to a gluttonous devouring of all things media. We drink in radio, television, movies, music, newspapers, magazines and the internet.

We argue, we discuss and we enjoy. We argue vivaciously over the radio (I like triplej and mmm, my sons like nova), we fanatically discuss the latest Jack Black movie, and we enjoy together the daily(2012) Big Brother television programme. We are established celebrity consumers.

Therefore, as consumers of celebrities, my sons and I are participants in celebrity culture everyday. We celebrate celebrity. Wark (1999 33) explains;
We may not like the same celebrities, we may not like any of them at all, but it is the existence of a population of celebrities, about whom to disagree, that makes it possible to constitute a sense of belonging. Through celebrating (or deriding) celebrities it is possible to belong to something beyond the particular culture with which each of us might identify.
Simply, the existence of celebrity allows our household to relate (as individuals) to each other and constitutes a sense of belonging within our community. Our dislikes and likes are conversed so deeply, we allow ourselves to “read” the other person’s like (which we would never have read before).

The househould’s consumption of all things celebrity is daily and ongoing. While our consumption is sometimes excessive, the various genre’s of celebrity are communicated to each other. It is celebrity culture that divides us and brings us together.


Wark, McKenzie. Celebrities, culture and cyberspace:the light on the hill in a postmodern world. Sydney: Pluto Press, 1999. Print

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