How I created the North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum Media Kit (Journal Entry 1)

To create the North Stadbroke Island Historical Museum Media Kit (,
I first approached the museum board for a confirmation to do so. After the affirmation, I went to the museum to got a ‘feel’ of their displays and ‘atmosphere’. I was granted private access to all of their exhibitions, publications and records.

Photography by Josephine Ellis

During my visit to the museum, I attained the themes of the fact sheets that would aid the museum in their dealings with the public. I explored the museum by myself, I perused records, and I inhaled the general aroma of the North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum. I discovered a whole treasure trove of interesting stories and facts and figures (it was very difficult to stay on track) to go along.

Courtesy of the North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum

I decided to write my profile on Australia’s first published indigenous writer, Oodgeroo Noonuccal. I felt particularly drawn to this strong woman as she challenged fairness and equality for all while maintaining dignity, calmness and valour. This is the introduction I wrote,
“Kath Walker was a poet, artist, storyteller, activist and educator. She was born on the third of November, 1920, at North Stradbroke Island and was christened Kathleen Jean Mary Ruska. Oodgeroo returned home to Minjerraba (land of the mosquito or North Stradbroke Island), after extensive campaigning. She died at her home on Stradbroke Island on 16th September, 1993.”

I created a school fact sheet about North Stradbroke Island, and a fact sheet on the Dunwich Benevolent Asylum. The Dunwich Benevolent Asylum provided many initial foundations for the Island, such as, Post Office, telegraph, causeway (still in use today), recreation hall and Dunwich Provisional School (1904).


I then compiled a general backgrounder about the museum itself. The meaning of the logo interested me as they have drawn from the indigenous and white cultures.
“The logo of the North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum consists of two elements.
The carpet snake (rainbow serpent), Kabool, is a powerful traditional symbol of the Noonucal Goenpul and Ngugi tribes of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island).
The motto for the Stradbroke Coat of Arms is “le vive in espoir” which means “I live in hope.” The island was named in honour of the son of the first Earl of Stradbroke.

Courtesy of North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum

Also, I wrote a media release for an upcoming event at the museum and accompanying media pitches. I then edited and assembled my print media kit, using photo’s from the museum archives.
Even though this assessment was demanding in content, I did enjoy the process and am definitely prepared to repeat the experience again.

Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

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