PR @ my place (Journal Entry 4)

While undertaking two PR subjects (@ UQ) this semester (2), I have learnt and effectively executed PR related tasks.
I have successfully produced a strategic communications campaign for Sarina Coast 2 Coal Real Estate (
and I have created a media kit for the North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum
The skills I have attained, will be of advantage to any future position I hold in the corporate world.

I would like to thank both of my lecturers – Siena Perry and Tony Preece – I have learnt both the strategies and tactics behind PR and the writing, maintenance and atmosphere of PR.

I am now aware of all things PR and this is especially pertinent at home.
I would like to share an amusing story of an early PR experience of Master Ten.

Master Ten, returned home from his holiday in North Queensland, with his father.
There were many stories shared and many more hugs and kisses given.
A group of people including Master Ten attended the Wallaby Creek Festival
and had a delightful time.
Master Ten and two other kids around his age set up a stall, to sell interesting rocks.
Yes! Rocks.
After getting bullied by older kids they decided to go around and approach people to sell their rocks.
Hippies of all ages thought Master Ten and his crew were delightful and purchased the rocks.
They earnt $15.50 (which they spent straight away).
This ingenious feat tickled my fancy (I howled with laughter).
I know that Master Ten will always remember the day he sold rocks to hippies.

I am sure that as adults we can all take a few messages from this story;
keep trying even if people knock you for your deed,
there is ample opportunity to sell anything you desire.

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