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My photography @ Queensland Shopfronts and Doors, Pty, Ltd.

Queensland Shopfronts and Doors, was primarily a glass installation company that mostly constructed shopfronts. I was approached by the owner/manager (Terry Ford) to take photographs of their previous jobs. My biggest hurdle within this position was accessing the permission to actually take the photos. I enjoyed the oppurtunity to look at construction in a differentContinue reading “My photography @ Queensland Shopfronts and Doors, Pty, Ltd.”

Tattu TV – 2006

In 2006, I undertook a role of researcher for the following television program (Briz 31). This was an exciting project to be involved in and I enjoyed working with all the various Brisbane based artists. Within my role, I planned, maintained and implemented three different weekly guides, they were; arts (Action), all ages (Escape) andContinue reading “Tattu TV – 2006”