What is it?

It looks like someone has stolen feathers from an unsuspecting bird. But, what bird is fluro pink, bright green and deep purple?

Four feathers join at the bottom of what looks like a weight.

The weight may be an anchor for one of Dame Edna’s hats or as an addition to her shoes.

A puzzling object is this jugglers’ tool.


Identify denotations and connotations of signs in two different advertisements for the same kind of product or service.

The signs within the images of these two advertisements denotes (the first order of meaning, Chalkley et al. 90) Queensland Tourism.  The connotative signs (richer structures of meaning, Chalkley et al. 90) are displayed through the blue skies, bronzed bodies and water splashing.  The first image is the “Gateway to Tropical North Queensland”, it connotes a sense of freedom which can be read as North Queensland cultural meaning.  The second image is “Explore the quintessential Aussie Beach Culture” and connotes the obvious Australian representation of the Iron Man.   Each image has a different story to tell but both depict a sense of fun and heat (hence the water) which can both be a typical projection of Queensland culture.