2008 Accident Bribie Island

A semi-trailer collided with two vehicles on the Pacific Highway near the Bribie Island turn off, yesterday at 4.20 pm.

Two Dutch tourists, a man, 34, and a woman, 29 were killed and local Councillor Matilda Bryan was seriously injured.

Bryan, Chair of the Works Committee for Brisbane City Council is standing for re-election in this Saturday’s election, was hospitalized and it is confirmed that she is in a serious but stable condition.

The semi-trailer driver, Frank Standish was not injured.

The accident blocked all traffic in both directions for three hours.


It takes time, patience and skill to create a fashion masterpiece. 

The creator, artist or knitter (?) carefully counted each stitch,

then each row 

that displays an intricate network of knots.

The knots intertwined so delicately it is hard to imagine 

that this fashion masterpiece,

began it’s journey as a single strand of brightly colored wool.

circa May, 2006.

Circa 2006

Sylverster Paudoff, Federal minister for Employment, Education and Training, saus the sale of Australia Post would fund “bringing people back to the bush.”

The scheme involves Australia increasing its migrant intake, provided migrants agree to live in the bush for 10 years in designated migrant zones.

This proposal enables migrants to enhance their working skills whilst keeping the bush running, Mr Paydoff said.