The recent unfortunate death of the Australian based celebrity Charlotte Dawson has bought a tear to my eye. The unnecessary and incessant online bullying directed towards this beautiful lady (inside and out) has indirectly led to her untimely death. Yes, Australia is a land of free speech.  We need to be allowed to say whatContinue reading “Cyberbullying”

Community Perceptions of the Coal Seam Gas Industry

  Community Perceptions of the Coal Seam Gas Industry     Julie-Ann Ellis 40318804   Supervisor: Elizabeth Mitchell   Department of Journalism and Communication The University of Queensland     Abstract                                                                                   The arrival of the coal seam gas industry to the Surat Basin has impacted communities, economically, environmentally and socially. This paper aims to understandContinue reading “Community Perceptions of the Coal Seam Gas Industry”

Thank you “Ark HELP food-outlet”

Currently, I am looking for full-time employment and am on an extremely low income.   At the moment, I can barely pay my rent let alone put food on the table for my children. But… There is a wonderful local community organisation who are helping me out. For just ten dollars, I receive a wonderfulContinue reading “Thank you “Ark HELP food-outlet””

Malaysian Jail

This is a very rudimentary written experience of a friend, I wrote this for him for the Australian Court system. During, February 2010, I traveled to Malaysia to carry out consultancy work for Bluefin Seafoods.  I was diving in several locations throughout Malaysia with Bluefin’s marine scientist, conducting research for the sea cucumber farming industry. Continue reading “Malaysian Jail”