Hunting for a job…

As everyone knows I am seeking full time work (or part time or casual) in a communications role (or administration) within any industry.  I am finding it extremely difficult to even advance to first round offers but I refuse to let this bother me.  I will remain happy, I will not get depressed and I will keep going.  

Although, I require the purpose and sense of self importance that a full time position requires, I have been relaying that process into my job seeking.  Every day, I set myself goals.  Every day, I have a purpose to get up in the morning.  And I still remain determined.

I have embraced my job seeking as a full time job.  I stay organised.  I keep a log book of all the applications I have made, so that, I don’t apply for the same position twice or even when I do get a call back, I know exactly what the position is, what the organisation is about and I can presume what questions they will ask me. 

“Just keep going” and “You can do this” is my self talk. 

For all of you other job seekers out there, I hope you find what you are looking for and don’t forget to keep going.


Published by Julie-Ann Pearl Ellis

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