The recent unfortunate death of the Australian based celebrity Charlotte Dawson has bought a tear to my eye. The unnecessary and incessant online bullying directed towards this beautiful lady (inside and out) has indirectly led to her untimely death.

Yes, Australia is a land of free speech.  We need to be allowed to say what we want, when we want.  I believe that is within the boundaries of free speech that as human beings that we treat others just as we like to be treated.  

Saying, doing and acting towards another human with consideration, care and equality.

If you don’t agree with what that person is saying, doing or acting, that is fine, you do not have to agree but use your intelligent, compassionate words to disagree.

It is our right to argue anyone’s opinion but aggressive, unjustified and evil words do not exclaim your point, they just demonstrate that you are a small minded person.

Bullying comes in all sorts of forms, situations and ages but that doesn’t make it right, wanted or justified.  

Love makes the world go round, not bullying. explains cyber bullying as;

  • it allows for a potentially infinite audience to view or participate
  • it is often anonymous as perpetrators can hide behind false identities
  • it has a permanency of expression as information put online can be difficult to remove, and may be recorded and archived
  • it may be difficult to escape from the bullying as people often use technology everyday and in the case of mobile phones can be constantly contactable
  • content can be duplicated easily
  • content is often searchable.


Bullying is not acceptable in any situation.

Bullying needs to stop right now.

We are loosing too many beautiful people due to bullying.

A great start to stop cyber-bullying is to make it illegal.

Sign this petition:

and help normal Australian’s with normal lives (who can not publicize their experiences of bullying as easily as Charlotte).

You may just save a life.

Published by Julie-Ann Pearl Ellis

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