Lota Creek Info

“Lota Creek is a small coastal waterway which divides Lota from its neighbouring suburb of ransome. The 18 square kilometres of catchment area is a complex mixture of bushland, wetland and tidal systems, rural land surrounding the creek and estuarine systems and a foreshore dominated by urban development. Lota Creek is fed by several tributariesContinue reading “Lota Creek Info”

More of Lota – Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

I hope everyone are enjoying these pics, there will be in-depth explanations associated with the pics very soon. The pics in this particular post are taken in my yard and the route my children walk to get the train every day. Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis Photography byContinue reading “More of Lota – Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis”

Why I love Lota

I reside on the low lying land, that is in the corner of Lota Creek and the “western banks of Waterloo Bay” (http://seagrasswatch.org/moreton_bay_archived_data.html#LT2).  I aim to capture, explore, research and document this majestic suburb within the following weeks.  I want to share with you why I love my suburb. As explained by http://www.queenslandplaces.com.au/lota; Lota isContinue reading “Why I love Lota”