Attention all cyclists.

Pretty please, can you refrain from yelling outside of my bedroom window at five thirty am on Saturday and Sundays?

I have heard all of your stories; what you had for breakfast, how much your new cycling attire cost you and the name of your first born.

Is there really a need for these loud voices so early in the morning?  I am sure your wife and children wouldn’t appreciate it, if I went out the front of your house at five thirty in the morning and started yelling about my new dog…

It’s not that I am against you and I don’t even care when you take up all the space on the road.

I just care when you wake me up so early in the morning.

Please respect all of the people who are trying to have a leisurely sleep in on a weekend and consider the noise restrictions of no abrupt noise before eight am on weekends.


Published by Julie-Ann Pearl Ellis

Sharing and caring since 1974.

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