The Sea Wall

The last of my series of “Lota.” While I am sure there is a lot more tintillating facts to write about, I need to focus on other things.


Writing about a wall is somewhat obscure but as I look at this wall almost every day, it occurred to me that it too would have a history.

Picture no. 1 is the start of the sea wall at Wynnum Creek and Picture no. 2 encapsulates the hard work that has gone into the wall.

Wynnum Creek
The beginning of the Wall

Picture no. 1 Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

An example of exceptional stone work
An example of exceptional stone work

Picture no. 2 Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

The Wall at Manly
The Wall at Manly

Picture no. 3 Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

Access to Manly
Access to Manly

Picture no. 4 Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

Picture no. 3 and 4 captures the wall amoungst the beautiful surroundings at Manly, Queensland.


“Although reclamation of the marshy and muddy land along the foreshore began shortly after the original survey of the esplanade area in 1859, building of the sea wall all the way to Lota was not undertaken until the Depression years (early 1930’s) when it was undertaken as “Relief Work,” for unemployed people. Prior to this, there were no park areas along the foreshore at Lota, so the thousands of people who flock to Lota during the weekends owe many thanks to the foresight of our ancestors.” (p 12-13) Nicholson, Cherrie. 2002. Lota through Local Eyes: Stories of a little known Brisbane suberb and the people who call Lota home.  Cherrie A. Nicholson: Brisbane.

The end of the Wall at Lota
The end of the Wall at Lota

Picture no. 5 Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis


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