New employment services model

Today, Monday, 28 July 2014, Our Honourable Ministers for Employment (Eric Abetz and Luke Harsuyker), released a joint media announcement ( titled:
New Employment Services model to drive stronger job outcomes.
“The Minister for Employment, Eric Abetz and the Assistant Minister for Employment, Luke Hartsuyker, said the Government will invest $5.1 billion over three years from 2015-16 to reinvigorate employment services for the benefit of job seekers and employers.”
The Australian ( reports,
“Jobseekers younger than 30 will be asked to do 25 hours’ work a week; those aged 30-49 will be asked to do 15 hours’ work a week; and people aged 50-60 will be asked to do 15 hours a week of an approved activity.”
The idea is to place changes to the current systems of Job Services Australia. “Mr Hartsuyker said the new model also provided clearer incentives to ensure job seekers and employers receive high-quality services from providers” ( “It is also determined to ensure dole recipients do more” (
Additionally, The Mercury reports, “Welfare recipients will have to apply for almost double the number of jobs – close to one a day – compared with current eligibility requirements.”
Fair enough! Something has to change as unemployment rates are rising but for this eager job seeker, I can’t see these changes affecting my situation in a positive way.
I already apply for one job a day.
I spend so much time at my employment office, I often get kicked off the computers because their “are real job seekers” who need to use the computers. I am a real job seeker.
I would be happy to do 15 hours of work-for-the-dole but will it definitely lead to a job? Who will pay for my transport to and from this volunteer work? I only get three hundred dollars a week which is not enough to pay for my rent, let alone food.
I am not your typical welfare recipient, I WANT WORK!
Two years ago, the federal government cut me off the single parent pension to newstart allowance, I was nearing completion of my university degree and took it on the chin, “as I wanted a job anyway.” Then, a child moved from my home and my family tax benefit was severely cut, that was ok, because that child needed what he needed. I receive very little maintenance as the father works cash in the hand for his parents and “I can’t prove it.”
Literally, I am receiving $300 a week due to circumstances beyond my control. It is extremely hard to remain positive. I have lost my pride, I have lost hope and I am about to lose my house. How do I portray to the Federal Government that I am an eager, willing job seeker, when they are making it harder and harder?

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