Chris is Frantic

One of my very first University assignments, for Script writing, I received a distinction. Submitted on the 30th of March, 2001.

Julie-Ann Ellis
A gorgeous looking guy with a backpack on his back is walking along a grubby road in downtown Bangkok. The traffic on the street is loud and obtrusive despite the fact that it is early afternoon and the majority of the Thai people are at work. Cars are spewing out carbon dioxide that add to the already polluted atmosphere of Bangkok.
There is an Australian Flag depicted on CHRIS’ backpack and he is wearing faded blue denim jeans with a matching faded green ‘V.B.’ t-shirt. His mother would be horrified at him if she could see him now, his chocolate colored brown hair is in dire need of a cut and is face is starting the beginnings of a beard. On the top of CHRIS’ toned and tall body is a bright orange terry toweling hat. To compliment his ensemble CHRIS is wearing a black belt, also around his waist is a black leather MONEY POUCH, and of course his comfortable old ‘Docs’. The locals in the street are pointing and staring at the stranger with the bright hat, whom is oblivious to his surroundings.
Car horns blaring and the general banter of people and life can be heard, as CHRIS continues down the street he has his nose buried in a back packer’s bible, the TRAVEL GUIDE. The TRAVEL GUIDE is open on a page with a description and menu of a Restaurant named the ‘Asterix and Obelix’.
Cut to:
2. P.O.V. CHRIS.
CHRIS stops walking and looks up, then back down to the TRAVEL GUIDE and back up again. In relief whilst returning the TRAVEL GUIDE to his back pocket.
Cut to:
CHRIS enters the front doors and can hear the operatic music playing quietly and appropriately. A few rays of sunlight make it into the room through the darkened windows and are entering the fluorescent-lit room. After CHRIS’ eyes adjust to the lighting, he looks around the RESTAURANT. The walls, floors and fittings are solid timber paneling to match the Swiss theme of the RESTAURANT named the ‘Asterix and Obelix’.
Cut to:
4. P.O.V. CHRIS.
CHRIS can hear the hustle and bustle of a RESTAURANT to his right, so he turns his head to investigate. The clanging sound of pots and pans and a tinkering sound can be heard. There is a general murmur from the staff as they are preparing tables for dinnertime. The waiters who do not even notice CHRIS’ presence are placing the accompanying cutlery, condiments, glasses and flowers on the tables.
CHRIS turns around and can see a BAR, which is of a brilliant polished timber. The wall behind the BAR is covered in mirrors with shelves displaying a mixture of Western and Eastern Alcohol.
The bartender is polishing GLASSES and staring at people getting on with their daily duties outside of the large windows facing the street. There is a lone man who is sporting a sparkling red HAT, sitting on a STOOL drinking a pint of frothy amber liquid and smoking a rolled cigarette.
The customer is of obvious European descent and proves the fact by picking up “THE AUSTRALIAN” to read.
There is a DOOR at the end of the BAR, with a picture on it displaying the international sign of the male toilet. The Thai name HAWNG is also posted on the DOOR.
Cut to:
The DOOR is still swinging behind CHRIS, as he has entered the camouflaged bleach smelling room. CHRIS tries to push a DOOR to a cubicle and realises that there is something jamming it shut. A COIN OPERATED MACHINE that releases the door is causing the problem.
CHRIS, whom is frustrated and anxious, rummages through his MONEY POUCH for the relevant COIN needed to enter the TOILET. All CHRIS can find are COIN’S that are not the correct currency. He then pulls the TRAVEL GUIDE out of his BACK POCKET and flicks the pages until he finds a page with pictures of several coins on it. A look of recognition appears on CHRIS’ face as he recognises the correct COIN.
CHRIS returns the TRAVEL GUIDE to his BACK POCKET, then continues his search for the correct coin. He tries his MONEY POUCH again, but still cannot find the right “Rian” needed. Understandably upset now, CHRIS is swearing under his breath. CHRIS stops himself, takes a breath, and places both hands in his POCKETS. He pulls out several loose COINS and finally finds the correct one.
An excited and smiling CHRIS holds up the RIAN. In his act of happiness, CHRIS drops the COIN. The COIN whirred and shines across the stained floor. CHRIS’ face is red from cursing loudly.
CHRIS drops to the FLOOR in a commando roll, and chase after the COIN. On reaching the COIN, he accidentally knocks it and causes it to change direction. Rolling towards the DRAIN in the middle of the FLOOR. Finally falling in the DRAIN, with the sound of ping, ping, ping, and a final clang.
CHRIS is frantic. His face and actions show that he is thinking of an alternative action by looking around the room. Maybe he can find a useful object to help get the COIN out, so he checks under all of the DOORS to the toilets. CHRIS cannot see anything or anybody that may be of help. In a look of severe anxiety, CHRIS starts to undo his belt and unzip his fly.
Camera angle is showing the back of CHRIS. CHRIS is relieving himself in the drain. The sound of running water is heard and CHRIS cries out in pure relief.
Cut to:
Enter the CUSTOMER with the sparkling red HAT. The CUSTOMER doesn’t realise what CHRIS is doing, until he turns around. He sees CHRIS urinating into the drain. The CUSTOMER has a horrified look on his face, as he steps towards CHRIS, he pulls a POLICE BADGE from his POCKET.


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