My first complaint of the week is the obvious and often discussed statement by our Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey. 

The claim: Joe Hockey says higher income people pay the most fuel tax, because poor people don’t own cars or don’t drive very far” (ABC NEWS ONLINE 2014).

There are so many things wrong with this statement that I am not sure where to start.

Firstly, Mr Hockey apologised for this statement and then he turned around and blamed the media for misrepresenting his quote. 

Secondly, ABC NEWS ONLINE (2014) report in their Fact Check, “The verdict: While high income Australians spend more in dollar terms on fuel, the impact on their budget is less. Mr Hockey’s claim that raising fuel tax will affect high income earners more is misleading.”

Thirdly, I am a poor person, I do not own a car – I am lucky enough to borrow one – but as a mother I drive a lot.

I need this car to drive my son to dance lessons.

I need this car to drive to clean the dance studio (everyday) so that I can pay for the dance lessons.

I need this car to drive to my employment service so that I attend my “obligatory” appointments and use the computers as I cannot afford internet access at my premises.

I need this car to drive my son to and from school (sometimes).

I need this car to access my two sons that do not live with me.

I need this car so that I can drive my three sons to various appointments (when I am available and when I can afford the petrol).

I need this car to attend job interviews.

I need this car to carry out the grocery shopping.

I am sure you have the point, without the loan of that car, my life would be extremely difficult.

The problem is that sometimes I cannot do some of these things because I cannot afford the fuel.

Maybe if the cost of fuel wasn’t so high, then I would be able to buy my own car and drive everybody around all the time.  My biggest point is that: these fuel taxes are prohibiting more people from buying more cars.  The purchase of more cars, registration, insurance, services, tires, fuel and so on, add more money to the economy and keep the world smiling.  Why prevent rich and poor people the opportunity of this access for ultimately more money into the Government’s slush fund?

My second complaint of the week is Child Support.  Yes the dreaded word but I have to get this out without defaming anyone.

The most prevalent point is, “children benefit from both parents and other family members being involved in their lives” (Commonwealth of Australian 2009).  I believe that any child needs their community/tribe/family to grow into a well-adjusted adult.  It is that strong community/tribe/family that attribute to a child’s strengths, beliefs and characters.  It is vitally important.  What I don’t believe in is a parent whom runs away and doesn’t make contact with their children for two years (except for two parcels in the mail).

“The support you pay is only the share your kids need while they are with your ex-wife.  You are still responsible for support during your time, just as your ex-wife is still responsible for support during her time” (Allen 2014). 

Meaning it is not just the monetary support but the emotional and loving support that every child needs and desires. 

“The amount of child support paid will depend upon various factors including:

  • How many nights the child spends with each parent;
  • The taxable income of both parents (this is the amount earned before tax is paid);
  • The age of the child;
  • Any other special needs or circumstances” (Queensland Law Practice Pty Ltd 2012).

Another, “where do I begin moment?”…

My second child has just moved in with his father, we both share the boys when their own schedules fit, basically, it is up to the boys and what is going on in their lives. 

Their father has done one or two tax lodgement in the last fifteen years (the age of my middle son).

The father works cash in hand for his parents (which I can’t prove because I can’t afford a private investigator but at the moment is receiving workers compensation and yes I have advised the CSA of this and they said they cannot do anything until he does his tax).

I have done my tax and the now my income is greater than his, so he doesn’t have to pay ANY CHILD SUPPORT.


My youngest son has proven special needs (medical experts, his school, speech therapists and the Child Support Agency) but child support will not help me with the added costs that will help with him to read.  The father and his family lay blame on me and refuse to help.


This so called fantastic father, whom has schemed and scammed his way out of providing for his children their entire lives, will receive child support from me, when I gain my dream job!!!!!

Okay, it is not all doom and gloom and I get the other side of the argument as well, there are many fathers out there working their asses off to pay for their kids but how is it fair when some women get everything they want and more while others suffer?

I know a lady that had a baby a few years ago to “an unknown father” (and we all know she knows who the father is) and because of this status on the baby’s birth certificate and with Centrelink, the father of the legitimate children has to pay more to compensate for the “unknown father” baby.

How is this system right?

How do people get away with this?

I know the old adage, “Life isn’t fair” rings true in this but it is the Federal Governments’ job to ensure that hard working people are respected and awarded.  Or we will all just give up and move to the bush and take everything we can.

ABC NEWS ONLINE 2014, Fact check: Joe Hockey’s ‘poor people’ don’t have cars, don’t drive far claim misleading, viewed 21 August 2014, www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-15/joe-hockey-poor-people-cars-claim-misleading/5671168

Allen, Matt 2014, What Does Child Support Actually Cover?, viewed 21 August 2014, www.dadsdivorce.com/articles/what-does-child-support-actually-cover.html

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