Feb, 2013 Comm Report for Foodbank Queensland

Communication Monthly Report (As at 29thFebuary, 2013) During the previous month, Julie-Ann has carried out the following tasks: Made amendments to Appendix B (timeline), C (Job description & specification) D (protocols plus the meaa code of ethics) of the original communication plan Please find attached the Protocols and job description for further use by Foodbank,Continue reading “Feb, 2013 Comm Report for Foodbank Queensland”

Foodbank Communication Progress Report (31.01.2014)

Communication Progress Report (As at 31st January, 2013) Referring to the comprehensive Communication Plan (and specifically Appendix B – the timeline), Julie-Ann (the Communication Officer) has carried out the following tasks: Made amendments to Appendix D and E of the plan (see attached) Please make any additional comments to Appendix D – Protocols Survey ConstructedContinue reading “Foodbank Communication Progress Report (31.01.2014)”

Survey results of Foodbank Queensland

Results of Survey (as at 17.01.2013)   Foodbank Queensland received ninety three (93) replies to the survey from food sponsors and welfare agencies throughout Queensland. The first question is as follows – How did you become aware of Foodbank Qld? The answers were Newspapers or magazines Online Welfare Agencies Food Sponsors Other The responses wereContinue reading “Survey results of Foodbank Queensland”

Communication Officer Job Description and Job Specification @ Foodbank Queensland

Communications Officer  The role involves a range of communications to promote a positive image of Foodbank Queensland  including organising advertising, online and digital work, plus various other tasks such as media releases and developing communications plan.  The Communications Officer must work alongside management and administration to aid in the media development of Foodbank Queensland.   Currently this position is voluntary. Continue reading “Communication Officer Job Description and Job Specification @ Foodbank Queensland”

Protocols for the Communication Officer @ Foodbank Queensland

Protocols for the Communication Officer  Any form of publications (particularly online) must be approved by management of Foodbank   The Communication Officer must deal with all stakeholders (stakeholders being; Foodbank Qld Staff, Foodbank Qld donors, welfare groups, volunteers and the general public) in a professional manner at all times.  The communications officer needs to be aware of the sometimes sensitive nature ofContinue reading “Protocols for the Communication Officer @ Foodbank Queensland”

Initial proposal for Foodbank Queensland

Julie-Ann Ellis 42 Bellevue Parade LOTA  4179 0423267380 jape74@live.com.au Foodbank 179 Beverley St MORNINGSIDE  4170 07 3395 8422 admin@foodbankqld.org.au RE: Public Relations Communications Proposal As of Tuesday twenty-seventh of November, 2012, I intend to carry out the following tasks for Foodbank Queensland. Create an extensive communication plan (that is negotiable) for reference to my currentContinue reading “Initial proposal for Foodbank Queensland”

Communication Plan for Foodbank Queensland

179 Beverley St Morningside 4170 07 3395 8422 Compiled by Julie-Ann Ellis As at, 17 December, 2012 Introductory Information Executive Summary A report produced by Foodbank (on analysis by Deloitte Access Economics) gives an overview of the Australian economy and looks at five main themes: 1. Demand for food relief is rising. 2. It’s notContinue reading “Communication Plan for Foodbank Queensland”