Feb, 2013 Comm Report for Foodbank Queensland

Communication Monthly Report

(As at 29thFebuary, 2013)

During the previous month, Julie-Ann has carried out the following tasks:

  • Made amendments to Appendix B (timeline), C (Job description & specification) D (protocols plus the meaa code of ethics) of the original communication plan
  • Please find attached the Protocols and job description for further use by Foodbank, I will also send them in e-mail form so that you have an electronic copy
  • I have taken to daily social media updates as I believe that keeps the Foodbank Qld word out there (with particular attention to mornings)
  • The LinkedIn account is progressing but needs more work
    • I have added as many employees to the site as possible
    • Please find attached an evaluation of LinkedIn’s usage
  • The Pinterest site is progressing but I am open to suggestions of new boards (groups of locations??? etc)
  • The Facebook site has expanded with leaps and bounds, with more and more likes and views each day
    • Please find attached the “View Insights”
  • The Twitter account is progressing but needs a little more work
    • Please find attached
  • The google + account is under way, though I am having a few administration problems but am working on it

Discussion topics

  • I would like to start a competition on facebook within the next week so that we may have further social media interaction and a wider audience
  • I am working through the (other) communication plans, taking notes for our use and making recommendations for Gus.
  • Any ideas for stories for social media sites will be greatly appreciated.

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