Foodbank Communication Progress Report (31.01.2014)

Communication Progress Report

(As at 31st January, 2013)

Referring to the comprehensive Communication Plan (and specifically Appendix B – the timeline), Julie-Ann (the Communication Officer) has carried out the following tasks:

  • Made amendments to Appendix D and E of the plan (see attached)
    • Please make any additional comments to Appendix D – Protocols
  • Survey
    • Constructed a survey and e-mailed it to every business in the salesforce database
    • Correlated all responses, entered them into a database and came up with some figures (see attached survey responses)
    • Correlated all social media responses and promoted each organization accordingly (see attached survey responses)
  • LinkedIn account
    • Updated LinkedIn regularly with stories and links to welfare agencies and food sponsors
    • An evaluation of LinkedIn’s usage (see attached)
      • An “Impression” is the number of times the update has been viewed. “Engagement” measures how people react to the update.  The calculation is “Engagement”/ total “Impressions” = measurement (the analytical data appears about 24 hours after the update is posted and will be posted and will be updated daily)
    • Pinterest site
    • There are three boards; welfare recipients, food sponsors and 2013 floods.
  • Facebook site
    • “View Insights” (see attached)
  • Twitter account
    • All social media sites are linked with each other


  • Need employees to link their personal LinkedIn accounts with Foodbank Qlds’ account, so everyone can have access to it.
  • Is it possible to somehow link the social media sites to the website (pinterest, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn)?
  • Impact Church (Springwood) would like to receive the Foodbank Qld’s newsletters and so on.
  • Is it possible to do a competition on facebook, so that we may have further social media interaction and a wider audience?
    • A prize of a food hamper for a welfare agency?


Other topics of discussion

  • Gus, can I look at the other communication plans you have been given and maybe I can use some of the ideas for implementation.
  • Have had a problem with creating a Google + account as I believe it is related to Gus’ google account(?)
  • What do you think of the idea of a blog?
    • Do we need it?
  • Is it possible to plan an event that helps promote Foodbank Queensland?
    • A sausage sizzle for sponsors and welfare agencies?
    • That produces cross media coverage,
    • And networking amongst stakeholders.


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