Initial proposal for Foodbank Queensland

Julie-Ann Ellis

42 Bellevue Parade

LOTA  4179



179 Beverley St


07 3395 8422

RE: Public Relations Communications Proposal

As of Tuesday twenty-seventh of November, 2012, I intend to carry out the following tasks for Foodbank Queensland.

  • Create an extensive communication plan (that is negotiable) for reference to my current role within Foodbank Queensland, and for the future use by Foodbank Queensland.
  • Meet and interview volunteers, food doners and recipients, with the intention of creating profiles for the use on social media sites and any other publicity needs.
  • Look into current Foodbank Queensland social networking sites and spruce them up before Christmas.
  • Research food doner organisations and look into their social media sites, with cross media promotions in mind.
  • Create a few more social media networking sites relevant to the needs of Foodbank Queensland.
  • Create a competition online to get more attention online.
  • Create an event (longterm) to enhance media coverage, community support and thanks to volunteers, sponsors and recipients.
  • Approach media outlets about Foodbank Queensland; before Christmas and for event
  • Carry out at least six hours work per week

It is noted that the fore mentioned points are not extensive and are negotiable depending on the needs of Foodbank Queensland.

Yours sincerely

Julie-Ann Ellis

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