Tribute to a beautiful soul

Brad and Kris Gray (stolen from Facebook) Brad and Kris Gray (stolen from Facebook)

Last Thursday (05.03.2015), this earth lost one of its beautiful souls.

Kris Gray of Lota, lost her quiet and strong battle to cancer.

I can’t pretend to have known Kris really well but what I do know is that she was a pillar of strength in her family, work and social communities and will be greatly missed by many.

My meetings with Kris were usually at her place of work – Wynnum Central Coles.

She always asked how I was doing and was genuinely interested in what was going on in my life and it feels like I just saw her the other day.

The last time I saw Kris, I was wondering around Coles, trying to choose food that would feed an army of sons, with very little money. Kris was empathetically laughing at me while she was packing Peppa Pig stock.

“Eden would love these, I should get her one,” she said.

Kris always leant an ear and helped out her fellow man (or woman) and it is for her beautiful family that I write this tribute. Thank you for sharing your sister/mother/grandmother with me because I appreciate knowing Kris.

Kris and James Gray (stolen from Facebook)

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