Free writing

Writing makes me happy.

The good angel on my shoulder has been telling me to write for at least a year now but my mind has stopped me.

I am in two minds, to just write words and thoughts continuously and,

to think about my fluidity, my language, my grammer, my topic…

At the moment, I am laying on my back thinking what to tell you while trying to continue to write freely.

I have been recovering from two back injuries and have been working on strengthening my body.

I have been juggling various roles at numerous positions while sometimes working three jobs at the same time. 

Additionally, I have been working on myself, my inner-growth, my happiness, my true Jape/Julie-Ann.

As I keep writing, I am thinking of more and more things to tell you.

I am happy and I am going to continue doing all of the other things in my life while writing as much as humanly possible.

Published by Julie-Ann Pearl Ellis

Sharing and caring since 1974.

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