Tribute to a beautiful soul

Last Thursday (05.03.2015), this earth lost one of its beautiful souls. Kris Gray of Lota, lost her quiet and strong battle to cancer. I can’t pretend to have known Kris really well but what I do know is that she was a pillar of strength in her family, work and social communities and will beContinue reading “Tribute to a beautiful soul”

The nicest person I know…

Today is my personal opportunity to thank the nicest person I know for being a part of my life. This person (usually) thinks of me before he thinks of himself. He is caring, compassionate and extremely friendly. He always helps around the house, he is fantastic with budgeting, he has a positive nature and heContinue reading “The nicest person I know…”

Benjamin Gabbett Gaffney

30th December 1971 – 30th July 1992 A personal dedication to Sarah and all of my thirty five cousins (Gaffney’s and Ellis’), to my brother and sisters and Liam, Dylan and Ryan. Today marks the twenty second death date of our special Benjamin, usually I don’t like to be so sombre but the recent deathContinue reading “Benjamin Gabbett Gaffney”