My pondering place High tide at Lota – 2.7 m – 10 am – 11 am (New Moon 20.01.2015)

High tide at Lota 2.7m. 10 am – 11 am (new moon 20.01.2015)

Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis
Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

King Tide Forecast

When I am driving down Lota Esplanade onto Bellevue Parade, I can’t help but get excited over this sign.  It could be my idiosyncratic water nymph yearning to transpire or simply, a joy at observing the sea lapping at my front door.

Salt Water on Road

Lota Esplanade/Bellevue Parade Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

Though, the thought of my house (or others) being flooded is serious.  The Brisbane City Council offer an Early Warning Alert service and can be found at