Back by popular demand –

I have posted very little on my blog for various reasons during the past two years. During this time, I recovered from two back injuries, held three jobs,moved house twice and tried to gently guide my three sons and new daughter to successfully reach their milestones.

I witnessed my eldest son getting married to a lovely young lady.  Not once, but twice.  The first was an extravagant traditional Hindu ceremony (made up of many small rituals), which ran from dawn to dusk in Pitra, Penebel, Tabanon, Bali.   The second, a lovely little civil service and we all danced and laughed the night away beside the bay, in Brisbane, Australia.

The younger two are still under my wings for the time being.  My middle son graduated from high school last year and went on a three-month right of passage to Mission Beach, North Queensland.  Staying with a close family member he assisted in cyclone proofing several properties and looking after two young children.  My youngest son starts senior school next year.  He is a wonderful natured boy and basically runs the house.

With all of this life stuff going on, I didn’t feel the need or want, to write.

It is my readers/fans that have gently coaxed me back in to the writing circle. 

Honestly, I couldn’t believe that I actually had a fan base.  My mothers’ cousin, whom I had not seen for twenty years, approached me over a year ago and asked,

“Julie-Ann, why aren’t you writing anymore?  I like reading your work…”

I was taken aback and quietly excited

Since then, many of my amazing fans have bugged, persuaded and questioned my absence from writing.  You all have planted and watered a seed of creativity in my mind and I promise to tend to it because writing is what makes me happy. I can’t assure that everything I post will be polished but I will like to affirm that I will do my best to entertain you, to enlighten you and to listen to you.

I intend to tell the unheard stories and retell the heard stories.  I want you, my readers to engage with me, I want you to make suggestions; I want you to tell me your stories.  I want to research, investigate and write what you want to read. 

Now that the initial seed has been planted, many more are forming and it is with you, my fellow community/fan base, that I choose to grow with.

Free writing

Writing makes me happy.

The good angel on my shoulder has been telling me to write for at least a year now but my mind has stopped me.

I am in two minds, to just write words and thoughts continuously and,

to think about my fluidity, my language, my grammer, my topic…

At the moment, I am laying on my back thinking what to tell you while trying to continue to write freely.

I have been recovering from two back injuries and have been working on strengthening my body.

I have been juggling various roles at numerous positions while sometimes working three jobs at the same time. 

Additionally, I have been working on myself, my inner-growth, my happiness, my true Jape/Julie-Ann.

As I keep writing, I am thinking of more and more things to tell you.

I am happy and I am going to continue doing all of the other things in my life while writing as much as humanly possible.

Happy 15th Birthday Dylan Ellis Abbott

Happy birthday my Nin Nin

I love you berry berry much

And you are my best friend and my best friend in the whole wide world.

Love Mummy Jape

Dylan and Joanie
Dylan and Joanie

Dylanliam1999 001
Proud brother Liam showing off his new baby

Frowny baby Dylan

Santa, Liam and Dylan, 1999
Santa, Liam and Dylan, 1999

Dylan and mummy
Dylan and mummy

2000 001
Dylan likes cake (notice the plate he is sitting on)

Gabriel Ellis, Dylan Ellis Abbott, Sam Watson, Don Gaffney

Dylan and his proud big brother Liam

Happy baby Dylan

Dylan and his mummy

Another happy baby photo of Dylan Ellis Abbott (with snot)

Dyl in bath

All dressed up for Jo
All dressed up for Joshua’s wedding

Liam and Dylan 2001
Liam and Dylan 2001

Dylan Abbott, Julie-Ann Ellis and Liam Clark @ Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Liam and Dylan 2001
Liam and Dylan 2001

Liam and Dylan 2002
Liam and Dylan 2002

Jamie Dover’s birthday at McDonalds. Liam Clark, Dylan Abbott and Caden Abbott.

Dylan and Ryan 2003
Dylan and Ryan 2003

Cute Dylan waving

Ryan's first birthday
Ryan’s first birthday

Dylan in water at Surfers Paradise

Dylan Ellis Abbott

“I am strong” Dylan Ellis Abbott

Prep year
Prep year

Dylan looks over fence

Dylan Year One
Dylan Year One

Dylan and family, 2003
Dylan and family, 2003

Liam Clark, Dylan Abbott, Craig Abbott and Claudia Anderson

Holiday fun at Elliott Heads – Cerys Lines, Ryan Abbott, Bryn Lines, Dylan Abbott and Liam Clark

Family camping at Elliott Heads – Liam Clark, Ryan Abbott, Dylan Abbott and Julie-Ann Ellis

Crazy brothers
Crazy brothers

Crazy friends – Dylan and Bryn

Dylan and Liam, Wynnum Central State School, 2007
Dylan and Liam, Wynnum Central State School, 2007

DylanRyan2005 001
Dylan and Ryan Fishing

Dylan2005 001

Dylan2005snake 001

Liam and Dylan 2006
Liam and Dylan 2006

Listening intently

Bucket heads

Dylan’s 10 birthday celebrations – Ryan Hassell, Dylan Abbott and ??

Bowling birthday fun – 10th birthday – Bryn Lines, Ryan Hassell, Dylan Abbott and ??

Dylan's10th birthday
Dylan (10) and Liam (15)

Dylan looking alot like Ryan looks now

Dylan Abbott, Will Macklin, Ryan Abbott, Liam Clark and Amber Macklin

A totem of children

Claudia Ellis and Dylan Abbott and we know who the other guys are

My beautiful son Dylan Ellis Abbott

Jason, Dylan, Ryan (going in for the pinch), Jet and Adam

Dylan in Joanie’s hospital bed

Ekka fun – back to front, left to right – Claudia Ellis, Liam Clark, Jaimie Dover, Dylan Abbott and Ryan Abbott

Spunky Dylan

Dylan at Island Vibe festival

Dylan at Island Vibe

Surfing at the Baywave Youth Festival

2008 001
Ryan, Dylan and Jaimie, Wynnum Central State School, 2008(?)

Santa, Liam, Ryan, Jaimie and Dylan, 2010
Santa, Liam, Ryan, Jaimie and Dylan, 2010

Ryan, Dylan and Jaimie, Wynnum Central State School, 2009
Ryan, Dylan and Jaimie, Wynnum Central State School, 2009

Dylan’s class at the party of the last day of Wynnum Central State School

Last day of Wynnum Central State School

Graffiti on mum

Dylan pondering

Playing in the rain – Dylan Ellis Abbott

Year Seven Graduation

Year seven graduation with classmates and principle

Last day of primary school, after accepting the “Good Citizen” award

Fun with uncle Calum, North Queensland

Calum, Dylan and Ryan, near Mission Beach

Recovering after Liam’s 18th

Jayden and Dylan looking cool

Group funny family photo – Abbott’s and Ellis’ alike

The nicest person I know…

Today is my personal opportunity to thank the nicest person I know for being a part of my life. This person (usually) thinks of me before he thinks of himself. He is caring, compassionate and extremely friendly.

He always helps around the house, he is fantastic with budgeting, he has a positive nature and he has kept me going on numerous occasions.

Although, this person is my son, he is still the nicest person I know.

Generosity, strength and happiness are Ryan Ellis Abbott.

Happy 12th Birthday Ryan.

I love you and thank you!

Australia Day 2010.
Australia Day 2010.