My pondering place High tide at Lota – 2.7 m – 10 am – 11 am (New Moon 20.01.2015)

High tide at Lota 2.7m. 10 am – 11 am (new moon 20.01.2015)

Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis
Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

King Tide Forecast

When I am driving down Lota Esplanade onto Bellevue Parade, I can’t help but get excited over this sign.  It could be my idiosyncratic water nymph yearning to transpire or simply, a joy at observing the sea lapping at my front door.

Salt Water on Road

Lota Esplanade/Bellevue Parade Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

Though, the thought of my house (or others) being flooded is serious.  The Brisbane City Council offer an Early Warning Alert service and can be found at

The lone man

Two days ago, I was at home doing my housework and listening to the radio. The twelve o clock news revealed “a bad accident at Lota.” The idea of a “bad accident” made me shiver as I lost someone special to me twenty years ago to a “bad accident.”

Yesterday, I drove past the crash scene (just two hundred meters from my house) several times during the day. In the morning, I noticed a lone man just sitting there with his head down, I drove past again and the lone man was still there. In the afternoon, he was still sitting there.


I pulled over, got out of my car, walked over to him and said, “You don’t know me but I couldn’t help noticing that you are in pain. Can I hug you?”

The lone man said, “I just miss him so much.”

I hugged him and he wept (and of course I teared up as well).

After a few moments, the lone man said, “thank you very much, people in this neighborhood have been so kind to me.”

I told him that I know what he is going through and touched his shoulder and left him to his personal grief.

The lone man's grieving spot. Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis
The lone man’s grieving spot.
Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

Queensland Police have stated:
Fatal Crash, Lota
July 23, 2014 at 9.56pm
A 26-year-old Robina man has died following a single vehicle crash earlier today.
At around 10.55am, police were called to the Esplanade at Lota following reports a motorcycle had lost control and crashed.
The man was pronounced deceased at the scene.
The Forensic Crash Unit is investigating.

For once, I was not thinking about myself or my little world. I don’t know if I made an impact on the lone man but I truly hope that eased his burden, if only for just a moment.