My pondering place High tide at Lota – 2.7 m – 10 am – 11 am (New Moon 20.01.2015)

High tide at Lota 2.7m. 10 am – 11 am (new moon 20.01.2015)

Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis
Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

Wynnum Central State School

MOVE CONCERNS: Gabriel Ellis with her daughter Jaimie at Wynnum Central School (My sister and neice).  December 10, 2010.  Picture: Liam Kidston Source:
MOVE CONCERNS: Gabriel Ellis with her daughter Jaimie at Wynnum Central School (My sister and neice). December 10, 2010. Picture: Liam Kidston Source:

When Wynnum Central State School was operating. 2010.  Sourced from
When Wynnum Central State School was operating. 2010. Sourced from

Wynnum Central State School was opened in 1894 and unfortunately closed its doors in 2010.

The Wynnum Central State School badge, now located at Wynnum State School.  Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis
The Wynnum Central State School badge, now located at Wynnum State School. Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

Many of the memorabilia has been moved to the newly formed school, Wynnum State School.


The old Wynnum Central Gates at the new Wynnum State School.  Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis
The old Wynnum Central Gates at the new Wynnum State School. Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

The beauty of the old Wynnum Central State School gates. Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis

Old gates at the new school.  Photography by Julie-Ann Ellis.
Old gates at the new school.

Feb, 2013 Comm Report for Foodbank Queensland

Communication Monthly Report

(As at 29thFebuary, 2013)

During the previous month, Julie-Ann has carried out the following tasks:

  • Made amendments to Appendix B (timeline), C (Job description & specification) D (protocols plus the meaa code of ethics) of the original communication plan
  • Please find attached the Protocols and job description for further use by Foodbank, I will also send them in e-mail form so that you have an electronic copy
  • I have taken to daily social media updates as I believe that keeps the Foodbank Qld word out there (with particular attention to mornings)
  • The LinkedIn account is progressing but needs more work
    • I have added as many employees to the site as possible
    • Please find attached an evaluation of LinkedIn’s usage
  • The Pinterest site is progressing but I am open to suggestions of new boards (groups of locations??? etc)
  • The Facebook site has expanded with leaps and bounds, with more and more likes and views each day
    • Please find attached the “View Insights”
  • The Twitter account is progressing but needs a little more work
    • Please find attached
  • The google + account is under way, though I am having a few administration problems but am working on it

Discussion topics

  • I would like to start a competition on facebook within the next week so that we may have further social media interaction and a wider audience
  • I am working through the (other) communication plans, taking notes for our use and making recommendations for Gus.
  • Any ideas for stories for social media sites will be greatly appreciated.

Foodbank Communication Progress Report (31.01.2014)

Communication Progress Report

(As at 31st January, 2013)

Referring to the comprehensive Communication Plan (and specifically Appendix B – the timeline), Julie-Ann (the Communication Officer) has carried out the following tasks:

  • Made amendments to Appendix D and E of the plan (see attached)
    • Please make any additional comments to Appendix D – Protocols
  • Survey
    • Constructed a survey and e-mailed it to every business in the salesforce database
    • Correlated all responses, entered them into a database and came up with some figures (see attached survey responses)
    • Correlated all social media responses and promoted each organization accordingly (see attached survey responses)
  • LinkedIn account
    • Updated LinkedIn regularly with stories and links to welfare agencies and food sponsors
    • An evaluation of LinkedIn’s usage (see attached)
      • An “Impression” is the number of times the update has been viewed. “Engagement” measures how people react to the update.  The calculation is “Engagement”/ total “Impressions” = measurement (the analytical data appears about 24 hours after the update is posted and will be posted and will be updated daily)
    • Pinterest site
    • There are three boards; welfare recipients, food sponsors and 2013 floods.
  • Facebook site
    • “View Insights” (see attached)
  • Twitter account
    • All social media sites are linked with each other


  • Need employees to link their personal LinkedIn accounts with Foodbank Qlds’ account, so everyone can have access to it.
  • Is it possible to somehow link the social media sites to the website (pinterest, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn)?
  • Impact Church (Springwood) would like to receive the Foodbank Qld’s newsletters and so on.
  • Is it possible to do a competition on facebook, so that we may have further social media interaction and a wider audience?
    • A prize of a food hamper for a welfare agency?


Other topics of discussion

  • Gus, can I look at the other communication plans you have been given and maybe I can use some of the ideas for implementation.
  • Have had a problem with creating a Google + account as I believe it is related to Gus’ google account(?)
  • What do you think of the idea of a blog?
    • Do we need it?
  • Is it possible to plan an event that helps promote Foodbank Queensland?
    • A sausage sizzle for sponsors and welfare agencies?
    • That produces cross media coverage,
    • And networking amongst stakeholders.


New courts for Wynnum Central State School – 26.04.06

Wynnum Central State School is expected to celebrate the opening of its new multipurpose courts in the next few weeks.

Past student of WCSS, Ron Cushing, bequeathed his estate to Wynnum Central State School Parents and Citizens Association, for the children’s sports.

Teacher, Mr Greg Johnston said “He (Ron Cushing) originally wanted a roller skating rink or a swimming pool for the students but with the risk of injuries and the cost of paid pool maintenance, they were not viable options.”

Creative Court Concepts Pty Ltd has nearly completed the construction of the courts costing $103,600.

P & C President, Mrs Sharon Denby confirmed that without Mr Cushing’s generous donation, the school world not have received any of the grants made available to them.

Mr Cushing donated $35,000, which the P & C left in a bank account to earn interest.

“A Smart Schools Subsidy Scheme grant and Education Queensland provided the rest of the money needed,” said Mrs Denby.

Wynnum Central State School currently has only one large oval and the multipurpose courts will serve the students well says Mr Johnston.

The courts that will be used on a daily basis for tennis, basketball, netball and volleyball.

They are yet to be named and officially opened.

Ron Cushing

Before his death, Ron Cushing’s passion was to visit his old school, some people believed that he was lonely and just needed a chat.

The children of Wynnum Central State School learnt a realm of things, like, what it was like to go to school in the 1930’s and what it was like to be in a war.

Ronald Frederick Cushing was born in Brisbane on November 19, 1926 and died alone in Brisbane on March 29, 2003.

Ron grew up in the Wynnum/Manly area and was eight years old when he first attended Wynnum Central State School, “… when the butcher and baker came around on a horse.”

“Children would go down to the beach at Wynnum or Manly at night, both girls and boys, get together to talk and often get into mischief but not destructive mischief, only mild.

“Those of us who got together on the beach were often chased by a local policeman, as there was a police station at Manly and one at Wynnum and if you were caught, you got a kick in the pants, which to those not caught was funny,” said Ron (from the Wynnum Herald).

At school, Ron played sports such as rugby league, hockey and athletics.

He also played in the school FIFE band and was the first student to use double bass drum sticks (from Wynnum Central State School, Celebrating over 100 years of Education. 1896-1996).

Ron (who could be called a skylark at times), would replace the wrapped lollies on the teachers desk (gifts from the school girls) with soap.

“He [the teacher] went straight out the door and we found a chewed up bit of soap at the bottom of the steps,” said Ron (from the Wynnum Herald).

In 1941, Ron Cushing failed his scholarship year (senior primary) and decided to turn his attentions to the army.

At the age of 13 years, he had talked his mother and local doctor into signing the necessary papers for joining the army.

He recalled the shocked faces of his fellow pupils when he turned up to school in army uniform (from the Wynnum Herald).

It is believed that he only served a short time in the army at this time.

While waiting in the inoculation line at Redbank training camp he was spotted coincidently by his unsuspecting father.

His father (who knew nothing of his son joining the army), pulled Ron out of the inoculation line, by the ear, and took him home to his mother.

Ron was subsequently discharged from the army.

Ron joined the army again, in November 1950, but this time, his musical talents were recognized early and he was posted to the Northern Command Band until he was sent to Korea (from the Australian War Memorial Collection Database).

Ron was placed with the Regimental Band of 2RAR, where during the heavy fighting at The Hook, members of the drum corps and the bandmaster acted as the local defense section at the battalion command post (from Australian War Memorial).

Ron served 320 days in Korea and joined the Citizens Military Force in 1956.

Current Wynnum Central State School student, Liam Clark, remembers Ron attending  the school for the 2002 ANZAC Day celebrations.

“He stood on the front stairs of the school and told the story of how he enlisted when he was thirteen years old,” said Liam.

  1. Cushing was an avid roller skater and every Saturday morning was found at the Cleveland Roller Skating Rink, teaching children how to skate.

He was awarded with a Senior’s Award for his work with youth (particularly the skating) by ex Federal Member for Bowman Mr. Con Sciacca (from the Wynnum Herald).

Many of the staff and students of Wynnum Central State School remember Ron fondly.

Parent, Annette Rolley, recalls his ANZAC Day contribution but also that he was a “lovely man.”

“Ron would be here by morning tea and at lunch he would sit with the children and tell them stories about Wynnum Central State School.

“I think it is very important for the children to realize that their history is vital for growth,” said Nola Schmidt, Teacher Aide.

Current Teacher, Mr. Greg Johnston said, “As well as every ANZAC Service, Ron would make it a ritual to participate as a guest presenter for the end of year award ceremonies.

“Before he passed away, we had an annual Ron Cushing Award for the Highest Achiever.”

“I believe he must have been a very lonely man and he just needed the company,” said Mrs. Schmidt.

Sadly, Mr. Cushing passed away in 2003.

Though, he left a generous donation to the school, which has enabled them to get some badly needed multipurpose courts.

Principle of Wynnum Central State School, Mr. Peter James, said, “Ron made it explicitly clear that his wish was for the proceeds of his estate were to go towards a facility the school children could use.”

The children of Wynnum Central State School will now play happily on their new courts and I am sure Ron Cushing’s spirit is playing with them.

(Please note (27 August, 2014): This article was written in 2006, it is the addition of an assignment submitted to UQ newspace (an online portal).  I will post the entire assignment in the following days and touch on the subject of Wynnum Central State School. Additionally, what a pity I did not source my in-text references correctly, as we don’t get the full range of dates and so on to go with the history of the story.)

For extra information on Ron Cushing, go to;


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